Clinical Trials Network

More is Possible, 25.03.2024

Clinical trials are an essential part of the path to bring treatments to the Spinal Cord Injury community.

Understanding clinical trial phases

Clinical trials, which assess drugs, cell therapies, antibodies, and new devices, follow a three-phase process (Phase 1, 2, and 3) before gaining regulatory approval for treating a specific condition. Each phase becomes progressively more rigorous, involving more participants and extended assessments to prove tangible benefits and long-term safety. Your participation usually occurs in a single phase, and you will be informed about the current stage of testing and your specific phase in the trial program.

  • Phase 1: is to find out if the treatment is safe and can be tested in humans.
  • Phase 2: trials assess whether the treatment stimulates the predicted biological activity, and determine the best dose, timing of treatment and outcome measures to test.
  • Phase 3: is the pivotal trial phase, designed to fully test the effectiveness and safety of the therapy.

Clinical Trials Network

Several online platforms match people with spinal cord injuries and clinical trials. It helps people to easily locate, understand and participate in clinical trials that fit their situation.

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