More is Possible...

...continuous improvements towards a cure for spinal cord injuries!

Welcome... "More is Possible", our newly launched digital platform dedicated to the comprehensive spinal cord injury (SCI) community. We aim to provide support and information to all individuals directly or indirectly impacted by spinal cord injuries, including patients, their families, friends, and healthcare professionals such as therapists and doctors.

Our non-profit association is committed to unveiling the vast opportunities and possibilities for individuals living with paraplegia. We understand the unique challenges that come with spinal cord injuries and have meticulously crafted a platform that addresses them.

Help for self-help from those affected to those affected!

Within our platform, you will be able to explore a wide range of sections, each catering to a specific aspect of recovery and well-being:

  • Physical Improvements: Discover Activity Based Therapy, Adaptive Fitness Equipment, Robotics, Electro Stimulation, and access an Outpatient Facilities Network.
  • Additional Methods: Explore alternative treatments like Hypoxia, Neuroacupuncture, and Chiropractic care.
  • Daily Life Improvements: Find guidance on managing issues such as spasticity, pain, incontinence, mobility, breathing, pressure sores, bone density, sexuality, and sweating.
  • Improvements based on Science: Stay updated on cutting-edge treatments including Hypoxia, Neuromodulation, Regenerative Medicine, and read personal testimonies. Get information on ongoing clinical trials.
  • Spinal Cord Injury: Gain insights into what a spinal cord injury is, the rehabilitation process, and different levels of injuries.

Our team is diligently working behind the scenes to structure and provide comprehensive content for each section. The first content release is scheduled for the winter of 2023/2024, with regular updates in the coming months and years. We are committed to expanding the platform's functionality in addition to the content and have exciting plans for the future development of our services. Stay tuned!

Our vision...

...continuous improvements towards a cure for spinal cord injuries

...and our mission...

  1. Unleash the recovery potential of every individual affected by spinal cord injury 
  2. Improving the health and independence of every person with a spinal cord injury - regardless of their current diagnosis and condition
  3. Raising awareness among the SCI community by providing effective resources and easy access to knowledge through a central platform
  4. Building a community by enabling all stakeholders to share experiences

About us...

United by a common fate - a spinal cord injury - with different courses and different challenges. It is this common diversity or diverse commonality that strengthens our belief that more can be done - or, must be done!

The four founders of "More is Possible" are:

Hugo Baeriswyl
Hugo Baeriswyl

DNA: determined | curious | optimistic


MiP: content writing | development of MiP network

Simon Züst - XL
Simon Züst

DNA: questioning | demanding | honest


MiP: gathering knowledge | content generator

Philipp Rüf
Philipp Rüf

DNA: The Austrian from St. Gallen lakeside | married | entrepreneur & manager


MiP: strategy | fundraising | partnerships

Romano Seglias
Romano Seglias

DNA: "Grisoner" | married | family man2+1 | optimist


MiP: finance | webmaster | back office

...and here you can find even more information about us:

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