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We don’t want to give you a too deep or scientific dive into the theme of Decubitus - our main goal is to give you an overview of how it works, but even more important, provide you information on how to avoid Decubitus in first priority and in a second priority how to react the right way when it happens. 

And to be clear, almost every person affected by SCI which has limited Sensory below the lesion will struggle with this theme once in a while. The most important thing we wish you is that hopefully you never find yourself in Hospital due to a Decubitus, because this is a long lasting process which is very uncomfortable, painfull, boring as hell and dangerous - what some of us have already experienced.

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Summary about Decubitus

Pressure sores of the skin, which are called Decubitus, are one of the things people with limited sensory (which are mostly caused by Spinal Cord Injury or other neurological diseases), have to deal with in Daily life.

Making a long story short  - the two most important things you can do to avoid a Decubitus are:

  • Regularly remove the pressure from the vulnerable (at risk) areas.
  • Regular inspection of the skin of vulnerable (at risk) areas, by visual (looking) and haptic (palpating with fingers) inspection.

Of course if you have limited arm and/or finger function you might need another person doing it, or at least helping you doing - but don’t forget you are in charge.

Vulnerable (at risk) areas: [2]

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